Cross-country skiing and biathlon in the Antholz Valley


For many the Antholz Valley is the loveliest cross-country skiing area in South Tyrol. Surrounded by truly breathtaking mountain scenery, the holiday resort is the perfect spot for gliding along in relaxed fashion on narrow boards. And if you want to combine sustained skiing with accurate shooting, then here’s a reason to be cheerful - Antholz is also the home of biathlon.

The cross-country skiing network in Antholz and the surrounding area is around 30 kilometres long and is a dream come true for holiday-makers of all ages who want to enjoy cross-country skiing. It is possible to ski trails of varying degrees of difficulty through this charming side valley of the Puster Valley, which is divided into upper, middle and lower parts, using either the classical or skating style. The approx. 8 kilometre-long high trail on the Staller Sattel is a special highlight. One thing is certain - you’ll be inspired by the view of the surrounding 2000 metre-high Antholz Valley mountains.  
You and your loved ones will also be impressed by the Antholz Biathlon centre, which was opened in 1971. The first world championships took place in what is known as the South Tyrol Arena in 1975 and they have revisited four times since, most recently in 2007. The competition and training facility with its own cross-country skiing and biathlon school is the venue for spectacular world cup races every year. It should therefore come as no surprise if you bump into a biathlon or cross-country star here.
Biathlon World Cup in Antholz   The Biathlon Center in Antholz   Great atmosphere