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South Tyrol Balance

South Tyrol Balance

From 19.05. to 17.06.2018

“Bring balance to your life”

Take some time out to recharge your batteries, improve your well-being and find your centre. South Tyrol Balance is an offer for all those who want to replenish their energy and rediscover their zest for life in the spring months. Selected, expert-guided experiences and nature’s own spirit of optimism create the setting for an outstanding holiday. Practical tips inspire you to find more balance in all areas of your life, and the breathtaking natural setting of the Antholz Valley improves your well-being and helps you relax.

Relax into spring with South Tyrol Balance
Switch off and let nature give you a boost: South Tyrol Balance

Professional instructors: local experts guide you on your selected Balance Experiences in South Tyrolean nature. They help you to find your centre and give advice on how to maintain that positive energy in the real world.

Experience the nature of South Tyrol: Balance Experiences help you on your path to well-being, with all kinds of experiences from crafting with natural materials to sensory herb walks. Find your inner equilibrium and re-energise with a variety of experiences.

Immerse yourself, body and soul, into South Tyrolean spring with guided Balance Experiences.

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Balance Experiences

Pick, cook, taste: the power of spring herbs
During a gentle walk through mountain pastures and forest up to the lovingly contructed Kumpfl Alm, you will learn about the spring herbs that grow in the wild and their uses in the kitchen. Surrounded by aromatic, blossoming meadows, at the Alm you will prepare a delicious meal with the fresh spring herbs and finally enjoy dining together. There is no shortage of indulgence here!

Expert: Maria Martha Messner
Duration/day/time: Monday 21/05 | 28/05 | 04/06 | 11/06/2018 from 10.00am (approx. 3 hours)
Location: Antholz Mittertal
Meeting point: The Eggerhöfe in Antholz Mittertal
Participation fee: €7.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests (max. 15 participants)

Walking and crafting: capture the scent of the meadows
On a walk through forests and pastures in the hamlet of Achmühle, consciously breathe in the scents around you as you learn about the fragrances of plants and flowers. You will then stop at a fragrant barn to make a sweet souvenir using some dried natural materials from the meadow so that you can carry the smell home with you.

Expert: Elisabeth Kamelger Gruber
Duration/day/time: Tuesday 22/05 | 29/05 | 05/06 | 12/06/2018 from 9.00am (approx. 4 hours)
Location: Niederrasen
Meeting point: Niederrasen football grounds
Participation fee: €7.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests (max. 15 participants)

Sensory walk
The path to well-being will take you into the marvellous mountain landscape of the Antholz Valley. On this day hike, consciously experience the awakening of nature and the joy of exercising outdoors. Walking is described as ‘well-being in its most original and raw form’, and healthy movement, experiences and escaping everyday stress certainly do the body and soul good. Led by a guide, you will learn more about the right walking technique, good preparation, equipment and walking safety. Make this day spent in the mountains an unforgettable, lasting experience as you discover, enjoy, see and feel your natural surroundings.

Expert: Günther Leitgeb
Duration/day/time: Wednesday 23/05 | 30/05 | 06/06 | 13/06/2018 from 9.00am (approx. 5 hours)
Location: Antholz Valley head and the Staller Saddle
Meeting point: Antholz Mittertal fairground (we can organise car sharing)
Participation fee: €7.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests (max. 15 participants)

Experience the energy of the elements and water: walking is good for you
On this Experience you will walk in the fresh Antholz Valley mountain air from the idyllic Lake Antholzersee to the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. Take a dip in the cold, crystal-clear water of the mountain creek and experience its positive effects on your health and well-being for yourself. After walking past rustic mountain pasture huts and untouched mountain meadows, brightened by the first flowers of the season, you will arrive at Klammbach Waterfall. Engage your senses and feel the full force of the roaring water of the falls. As you consciously breathe in the pure air of the waterfall, it cleanses your lungs, strengthens the immune system and encourages blood flow. You will not forget this one-off experience in a hurry, and you’ll take home many interesting and useful tips.

Expert: Judith Mair
Duration/day/time: Thursday 24/05 | 31/05 | 07/06 | 14/06/2018 from 9.00am (approx. 5 hours)
Location: Antholz Mittertal
Meeting point: The tourism office in Antholz Mittertal
Participation fee: €7.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests (max. 15 participants)

From milk to butter: the traditional method
In our house, the first thing we eat for breakfast every day contains butter. But have we ever stopped to ask how butter is made or whether it’s good for us? There are only a few experts left who know the traditional method of making butter, and Christian Leitgeb is one of them. He will take you to his farm, the Eggerhöfe, to show you how butter is made. You will learn more about this regional and sustainable product and how it supports inner equilibrium. A healthy and balanced diet allows the body to function in peak condition and improves one’s well-being. After a demonstration, sample the homemade butter on some freshly baked bread.

Expert: Christian Leitgeb
Duration/day/time: Friday 25/05 | 01/06 | 08/06 | 15/06/2018 from 10.00am (approx. 2 hours)
Location: Antholz Mittertal
Meeting point: The Eggerhöfe in Antholz Mittertal
Participation fee: €7.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests (max. 20 participants)

Breathing training with former biathlete Wilfried Pallhuber: find your inner balance with the right breathing technique
Without even thinking about it, we breathe around 20,000 times a day. Using the right breathing technique has a significant effect on our well-being – it helps us to find inner balance and release positive energy. In connection with the Antholz Valley Ski School, Willi will explain and demonstrate the importance of consciously inhaling and exhaling every day, particularly during sport. He will give valuable tips and help you to learn the basic techniques of conscious breathing. Then you can apply what you have learned at the shooting range. This is a unique experience with a very friendly former professional athlete.

Expert: Wilfried Pallhuber
Duration/day/time: Sunday 20/05 | 27/05 | 03/06 | 10/06/2018 at 2.00pm (approx. 2 hours)
Location: Antholz biathlon centre
Meeting point: Südtirol Arena Alto Adige – Antholz Obertal
Participation fee: €12.00 per person | free for Balance accommodations’ guests

Registration & info: Tourism Association, Antholz Valley, Tel. +39 0474 496269,