Farming in the South Tyrolean mountains is all about small, slow-paced operations. The entire Antholz Valley is characterised by these traditional farms, one of them being the Vierbrunnenhof. So there is plenty of work for hotelier Thomas and his uncle, Konrad, to be getting on with all year round: the meadows in the valley are mowed twice and the mountain pastures are mowed once in summer. The hay is used to feed the farmyard animals, but the fragrant mountain hay is also used in the kitchen, for example to make the popular hay schnapps. They also lovingly look after fifteen chickens, two ponies and ten Simmental cattle.
Two pigs are also kept on the farm for South Tyrol’s most famous speciality: aromatic South Tyrolean speck. After the traditional farm slaughter, the spiced meat is sent to the neighbours to be cured. At the end of a long hike, the speck’s powerful herby and smoky flavour gives you renewed strength in no time at all.
The fresh mountain air of the Alps, the cool spring water and South Tyrolean delicacies from our own farm: as the hotel is situated on a traditional farm, hiking holidays at the Vierbrunnenhof become an exciting experience for your body and mind in the great outdoors. We love sharing our very own South Tyrolean speck and our exquisite choice of farm produce with our guests and friends.
After all, why can’t a hiking holiday be an indulgent break too?