As a 3-star hotel in Antholz, the Vierbrunnenhof has been the pride of the Messner family from day one. The family saga began in the 60s, when hotelier Thomas’ grandmother opened ae small and cosy guesthous. Back in those days, the Guardia di Finanza used to come to the Vierbrunnenhof just to have a bath, as the first bathtub in the Antholz Valley was installed here. While grandma Flora treated guests staying in the guesthouse to her cooking, grandpa Hartmann took them on challenging mountain tours, including one which started in the Antholz Valley and ended up the Großglockner mountain.
Thomas’ father Martin took over the guesthouse at a young age alongside his wife Rita. He added a swimming pool in 1995 and they expanded into a hotel in 2001. The rooms in the original building were renovated four years later. The new saunas were also crucial in the Vierbrunnenhof’s success. Together with his brother Konrad, who took care of the guests’ well-being, he made the hotel’s Kumpflalm alpine cabin accessible to guests and ventured up into the mountains with them.

The third generation
Thomas has controlled the fate of the Vierbrunnenhof since 2013, allowing the pride of three generations to shine through. Under the watchful eyes of uncle Konrad, who wields the wooden spoon in the kitchen to this day, the Vierbrunnenhof finally became a certified Wanderhotel hiking hotel in 2016, offering relaxation and comfort after eventful hiking trips to the South Tyrolean mountains and a place where our guests are happy to return time and time again.