Hiking and mountain climbing in the Antholz Valley

Be it down in the valley, along the shores of Lake Antholz or up in the mountains, on the proud summits of the natural splendour of the Puster Valley – a hiking holiday in the Antholz Valley has many faces. Bona fide alpinists climb to the airy heights, whilst leisure hikers stride from pasture to pasture and call in on a hut landlord or two.

Equipped with a hiking map, sturdy shoes, good physical condition and nutritious provisions, sure-footed and experienced mountaineers can explore the fascinating landscape of the Rieserferner-Ahrn nature reserve on their own initiative or at the side of experienced mountain and hiking guides.
There is a multitude of paths and destinations: a leisurely walk through the Rasen habitat will delight young and old fans of hiking alike; a stop-off on the idyllically situated Grente Alp promises unforgettable panoramic views and culinary delights, whilst the challenging tour starting from Antholz upper valley to the 3,000 metre-plus Magerstein brings a sparkle to the eyes of alpine pros – both in summer and in winter. Hiking and mountain climbing in the Antholz Valley truly leave no holiday wish unsatisfied.

Interaktive Wanderkarte
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Some hiking tours in the Antholz Valley:

Oberrasen – Antholz Niedertal (1154m) – Antholz Mittertal – Lake Antholz
Tour length: 15713m
Ascent: 830m
Descent: 253m
Tour duration: 5h

Antholz Mittertal – Außerweger-Alm (1832m) – Agst [Alm] (1872m) – Niedertaler Ochsenalm (2152m) – Neuhütte (1478m) – Antholz Niedertal
Tour length: 13744m
Ascent: 1091m
Descent: 1219m
Tour duration: 5h 50min.

Nr. 11/39
Antholz Obertal – Lake Antholz – Riepenscharte (2734m)
Tour length: 7869m
Ascent: 1419m
Descent: 18m
Tour duration: 4h 30min.

Lake Antholz – Stallersattel (2052m)
Tour length: 4567m
Ascent: 434m
Descent: 30m
Tour duration: 1h 40min.

Antholz Obertal – Schwörzalm (1668m) – Antholzer Scharte (2811m)
Tour length: 5351m
Ascent: 1485m
Descent: 11m
Tour duration: 4h 40min.

Antholz Obertal – Schwörzalm (1668m) – Rieserfernerhütte (2798m)
Tour length: 6060m
Ascent: 1487m
Descent: 8m
Tour duration: 4h 30min.

Antholz Mittertal – Grente Alm (2003m) – Rammelstein (2481m) – Mittertaler Ochsenalm (2058m) – Kumpfleralm (1655m) – Mooshöhe – Antholz Mittertal
Tour length: 16522m
Ascent: 1510m
Descent: 1512m
Tour duration: 8h 50min.

Nr. 4B
Biotop – Unterhütten (1690m) – Lahner Alm (1822m) – Rammelstein (2481m)
Tour length: 6589m
Ascent: 1408m
Descent: 17m
Tour duration: 4h 10min.

Nr. 4
Oberrasen – Hochgall (2317m) – Rammelstein (2481m)
Tour length: 8108m
Ascent: 1470m
Descent: 69m
Tour duration: 4h 40min.

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