The Vierbrunnenhof is nestled in a spot where the Alps glow at sunset, where the glaciers forge icy paths into the valley and where the cows graze on the pastures without a care in the world. Here at Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, around two dozen bell ringers still ring the church bells by hand. Hotelier and hiking guide Thomas and his entire family do all they can so that visitors can experience the mountains just like the multiple generations of locals, who love and revere their surroundings.

The great outdoors on the border between Austria and Italy
Bubbling streams and cool mountain lakes are sprinkled throughout the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, a habitat on the border between two countries where nature can still unfurl. The abundance of water means that hikers are spoiled with green pastures and the 23 hectare Rasner Möser biotope, where a colourful sea of flowers sweeps the landscape every spring to herald the start of summer. Everybody can find their tranquil idyll in the valley, which is known for its farming industry, be it on the wooden walkways through the moors or on the craggy rocks when climbing up to the glaciers of the Rieserferner Group.

Strengthen your soul on a hiking holiday in the Antholz Valley
The 3-star superior Hotel Vierbrunnenhof is the ideal base camp for hikes through the Antholz Valley. From the Antholzer See lake in the north-east to the humid Rasner Möser biotope in the south-west, natural hiking routes take you through the valley and up to the three-thousanders in the Rieserferner Group. The craggy rocks of the surrounding summits are always standing tall for a picture-perfect backdrop.

A summer and winter destination
If you think the Vierbrunnenhof only has something to offer hikers in summer, you’d be incredibly mistaken. The Antholz Valley is beautiful in the winter, when millions and millions of snow crystals sparkle in the sun and the frozen Antholzer See lake entices you in for a winter hike. But the Antholz Valley has much more than just hiking to offer winter visitors, as can be seen from the countless tracks around the Südtirol Arena biathlon centre, where the World Cup is held every year and the Biathlon World Championships 2020 will be staged.