The ice crystals crunch quietly beneath your snowshoes when hiking guide Thomas takes you for a winter hike to the towering mountains in the Antholz Valley. As the owner of the Vierbrunnenhof, a Wanderhotels member, he knows the best tours with the most stunning views of the South Tyrolean mountains. The 3-star superior hotel is happy to provide you with snowshoes free of charge. When you get back, the sauna, swimming pool and South Tyrolean cuisine will be waiting for you.

Winter hiking in the sun-kissed Antholz Valley
After the snow falls, the air is so clear that you can see far beyond the closest mountain summits, whose white peaks glisten in the sun. On a winter hike in the Antholz Valley, you can enjoy the tranquillity that is only interrupted by the noise your feet make in the snow.
Hiking guide Thomas is flexible in responding to the weather and his guests’ needs. Most of the hikes start at the hotel, otherwise hikers take a bus to the starting point. One of his favourite tours goes from the Antholzer See lake to the Steinzgeralm cabin at an altitude of 1,800 metres. Hikers can then refuel with homemade specialities in the rustic chalet before zipping back down to the valley in a sled.

Snowshoe hiking – get to know the mountains a different way
Even more impressive than a pure winter hike in Antholz is experiencing a centuries-old tradition: it seems as if you are defying gravity when you snowshoe hike on the pristine white blankets of snow, making you feel as light as a feather.
Snowshoes make it possible to go on tours that wouldn’t be viable in normal hiking gear. One beautiful and gentle snowshoe hike goes from the Plätzwiese plateau up to the Strudelkopf viewing platform. From here, you will be rewarded with fascinating views of the Dolomites, the Cristallo mountain, the Tofane mountain group and the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Do not miss out on this adventure of a lifetime!